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    AUC Announces Mobile App

Alpha University College is providing students with simple, touch-and-view mobile application. AUC has been providing online academic services for students of all programs. The transition from paper based traditional service to the online service has significantly improved our students' convinience and satisfaction. In line with this, the institution has kept on modernizing accessibility of academic services. We have developed and implemented specially designed mobile application that is being distributed to our students.

The application is not only a mere alternative for the online system but it is better and more efficient in that it is generated for every student with student specific information so that it doesn't require user input like passowrd or user ID (simply touch-and-view). It doesn't compromise information security as it can only be accessed by the owner of the mobile phone. In addition, unlike the online system which is basically designed for computers, the application visually fits the screen of most contemporary mobile phones. Using this application students:

• can see their exam results in the form of semester grade report, summary or transcript including cumulative GPA.
• can see remaining courses to complete the program
• distance students can see default results that lack either assignment or final exam
• can see exempted courses
• and more ...

    AUC Expands Online Services

Alpha University College is expanding its accessibility by availing more and more services with the online system. Registration application service has been started recently. It includes admission requirements for each program. So many students are applying online by using the service. Those who qualify for registration are further communicated to register and start calsses. Data and information communication across all branches and the head office is being facilitated by this system. We are still working to improve our online availability and accessibility until our online system becaomes virtual registrar office.




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